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It has really good sound either up loud or just playing in the background. I’m not interested in rattling the neighbors’ windows, I just wanted really good sound comparable to my home system with a sub woofer. I also wanted a system that didn’t take up too much room in trunk. If you like good sound, this rocks. I wasn’t too crazy about that when I bought the car, but it wasn’t the end of the world. That fact dictated my speaker choices unless I wanted to do lots more work. For the head unit, I wanted to be able to hook up an iPod in the future. I didn’t spend much money on the head unit, just a moderate priced deck with 2 pre amp outputs.

INFINITY® Unveils Next Generation BassLink DC Subwoofer System

I finally got time to install my Alpine head unit last night and I used a Scosche wiring adapter to make things easy and when I powered her up It had power and CDs spun time, just no sound. After pulling out my trusty test speaker, I hooked it up stright to the HU wires Now, what the hell’s wrong with the wiring?

Brand new for units listed below. HI! Up for sale is 2 speaker level input plugs for the Infinity Basslink and BassLink II The Basslink T uses a different harness that I may have listed in my other auctions.5/5(4).

I guess I’ll go ahead and start with the head unit, which is what I installed first. Taking the center dash panels off is a breeze as long as you are following along with the Crutchfield Master Sheet. Don’t make the mistake I i. I now have a few ding marks that are noticeable, but hardly the end of the world. Anyways, once you have the entire front section of the dash popped off and the old head unit pulled out you have to remove the metal mounting bracket in the back of the dash.

This is the hardest part of the install. Keep in mind you may not have to remove this bracket if you are installing a single din unit. I went ahead and followed the directions according to crutchfield and unbolted it, but CF’s master sheet forgot to inform me there are 3 large plastic screws that must be yanked out of the bottom of the bracket with some pliers.

Tips on setting up the Xfinity X1 cable box

Upgraded speakers Wyliec November 27th, , It could be very helpful to anyone looking to upgrade. I’ll start with what I have, and can add on to the list as you throw it at me.

Jan 24,  · The BassLink doesn’t look too difficult to setup.. I’m fairly certain it doesn’t have the Infinity package. Assuming that’s true, I’d make sure the stock speakers are hooked up correctly and just run the wires for the sub to the aftermarket deck (and power)?

Joined Nov 8, , I recently purchased a 99 eclipse GS OZ Special Edition from what Im gathering now that Im looking into why it came absolutly fully loaded Anyways it came with what I belive to be one that has the infinity stereo system in it. The problem I have is that I believe the previous owner took the factory amp.

SO I need to know for those of you who have the factory amp still in its place, was it under the passenger side seat? I found a DIN plug sticking out from under that seat. I also found a cord coming in behind the rear seats that seemed to connect to something which I have no clue what it could have been. THe plug is a round one with about pins. Another question for those of you who have hooked up to the factory amp. Can I connect another amp in its place using that plug under the seat?

BassLink DC

I don’t understand the logic that it is easier to blow a watt speaker with a 10 watt amp over a watt amp. Can you please explain? I don’t think a quality 10 watt amplifier will do much damage to a watt speaker.

 · Hook up your Line Out Converter if you’re using one. I got a Scosche one at Walmart. The connections for this should be easy as you just hook positive speaker cable to the positive termails on the LOC and negative to ://?Fender-Audio.

How to Install an Infinity Speaker by Patrick Hutchison Infinity is an electronics manufacturer specializing in audio equipment. Use of Infinity speakers, subwoofers and receivers range from cars to home theaters. Infinity speakers are designed to offer the best sound possible. In order to maximize the technology and the design that Infinity offers, proper setup is critical. Install your Infinity speaker correctly and begin enjoying crystal clear audio.

Place your Infinity speaker in the desired location. Depending on the type of speaker and the audio system you are using, speakers may mount on table tops, walls or directly onto speaker stands. If mounting to a stand or the wall, use a strong bracket to ensure the speaker is secure. Using a wire cutter, slice a piece of speaker wire long enough to reach from the Infinity speaker to the receiver.

Your speaker wire may need to go around furniture and other obstructions, so cut the length accordingly. Strip the wires at both ends using a wire stripper and pull the positive and negative wires slightly apart. Insert the positive wire into the receiver’s positive terminal and the negative wire into the negative terminal. Red terminals are positive and black terminals are negative.

The wire with a stripe on it is positive and the wire without the stripe is negative.

5 Best Powered Car Subwoofers to Buy in 2018

How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system Hint: You don’t necessarily need a receiver with subwoofer output jacks. Subs can provide a foundation to the sound that few speakers can muster on their own. So adding a sub is not just about adding more and deeper bass; rather, a properly integrated subwoofer can improve the overall sound of the system.

Nov 04,  · I had this Subwoofer in my 98 convertible for about 6 months and i had upgraded to 2 10″ subs so now i have this for sale. It works great, it retails for about and i am selling it for and you will have to pay for shipping.

Home Entertainment Tips on setting up the Xfinity X1 cable box If you are getting up and running with Comcast’s latest Xfinity X1 cable box, there are some settings to look at before you can kick back and bask in the glow of your new cable service. To access settings, press the Xfinity button on your remote and arrow over to the gear icon. In Device Settings, there are a few items to consider. In Video Display, you may need to tweak two settings to adjust the video output so that it matches the aspect ratio and resolution of your TV.

If you have an HDTV — and odds are you do if you have the X1 box and are reading this blog post — then make sure Zoom is set to None. Any magnification of the screen image results in a degradation of video quality. If you use your TV’s speakers or have only two speakers connected to your TV, you’ll likely want to choose Stereo. I have a center-channel speaker in addition to two stereo speakers, so I chose Surround and noticed an improvement in the audio output, as the center channel was used to pipe out most dialogue and effects.

The third setting I recommend you tweak is under Device Lights. Here, you can adjust the brightness of the clock and power button on the front of the X1 box, both of which were blindingly bright when my box was installed. The power light and clock light each has its own brightness control, and you can lower each or turn them off entirely. Here, you’ll find two sections: If you have an HDTV, make sure this setting is turned on if your installer doesn’t do it for you.

Looking for Powered Sub. Infinity basslink or power acoustik abw 10?

BassLink has been designed to provide the kind of high-performance low-frequency reproduction that used to require big, clumsy enclosures, large amplifiers, and complex installation. To ensure maximum performance, we strongly recommend that installation be entrusted to a qualified professional. Although these instructions explain how to install the BassLink in a general sense, they do not show the specific installation methods for your particular vehicle.

If you feel you do not have the necessary tools or experience, do not attempt the installation yourself; rather, ask your authorized Infinity car-audio dealer about professional installation options. Remember to keep this manual and your sales receipt in a safe place for future reference.

The Nissan Titan’s factory stereo system can be amplified or connected to an aftermarket powered subwoofer. For each project, you will need to first connect the amplifier wiring kit and run the amp wires to the location of the aftermarket component.

Get a line output converter and do it the right way. There’s just too much potential for trouble like this when doing it the “easy” way, especially with VW’s history of electrical engineering. My gut says this is more a problem with audio sensing, and not with using the speaker level versus line level. If the speakers are picking up sound, and they create a signal, that would just be converted to a line level signal. Line level converters are passive elements and don’t rely on a switched source for power, nor do they filter input.

I tested this the other day by speaking into one of the rear speakers as the sub is currently hooked up. The sub turned on with the head unit off. I hooked it up to a speaker put the speaker inputs on the sub input and tapping the speaker will turn the sub on.

Radio wiring diagram

HAR , the premier connected technologies company for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, announced the Infinity BassLink DC compact powered subwoofer system, the next generation of the best-selling Infinity BassLink. The Basslink DC connects drivers to powerful bass and immersive sound in a design so compact it can be easily removed when extra cargo space is needed.

The Infinity BassLink DC also includes a precision compressor to control system behavior at peak power levels. The Infinity BassLink DC provides an alternative to traditional woofer, enclosure and amplifier combinations, allowing for an upgrade where other custom enclosures would not normally fit. Its compact and easy-to-install design is equipped with quick-disconnects and quick-release connections that enable users to easily hook-up and system placement options — including complete removal when extra cargo space is needed.

Additionally, the system is outfitted with a glass-reinforced ABS enclosure that is water-resistant, making it also suitable for marine and off-road vehicles without the buzz and resonance problems generally associated with traditional wood boxes.

4×6 plates in the dash, Infinity Kappa’s (2-way) in the doors, Infinity 6×9 Reference’s (2-way) in the rear, along with the Infinity BassLink powered sub. It won’t wake up .

Best place to put it in the trunk? I would like to put it over the battery in that little cutout, but where does it get the best sound? Do you need the sub-level control knob? It is located mostly in the “battery” cover. My car has folding seats, and I didn’t want to bolt it to the floor and not be able to use most of the trunk. As for the “position for the best sound” it doesn’t matter, subs are not directional like a regular speaker AND the BMW is so well insulated a lot of bass does not “get out of the trunk” I didn’t bother with the remote, as I can still control the bass from the factory deck.

I just set mine the way I wanted it and threw the remote in my drawer of stereo crap. It works fine for me. Regarding bass being trapped in the trunk: If you look at the underside of the package tray from inside the trunk, you should notice a pair of metal discs held in place by small tabs. If you pop them out and remove the insulation above them, the bass gets a nice straight shot up through the package tray. The insulation is already trimmed as well, so it pulls out very easily.

It’s like BMW intended them to be easily removed!

Infinity BASSLINK II User Manual

For each project, you will need to first connect the amplifier wiring kit and run the amp wires to the location of the aftermarket component. You can choose to have the wires installed by a professional, but to save cost, connect the amplifier wiring kit and run the amp wires yourself. LIft the Titan’s hood and loosen each of the bolts holding the battery cables to their respective battery terminals with a wrench.

Lift the negative battery cable clamp from the negative battery terminal and set it aside. Remove the positive battery cable clamp from the positive terminal.

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Plan A got trashed when the Soundgate adapter didn’t work. Never did figure out exactly why, but the company’s tech support guessed that since my vehicle didn’t come with any external audio devices, the auxiliary input might not have been set up to work at all the head unit wouldn’t detect the auxiliary input. So I moved on to Plan B, which was this: I installed it with the Infinity subwoofer and the three pairs of aftermarket speakers the Kenwood amp was to be eBay’ed, thanks to ridiculous mail-order restocking charges.

Worked fine and sounded pretty good until I realized that when the door and dash speakers are wired together in parallel, the ohms went from 4 to 2. Not good for the head unit I tried running the dash speakers separately, then the door speakers, but it didn’t sound as good as when all 6 speakers were going at once. So I moved on to Plan C.

Plan C was to use the Kenwood amp to power all 3 pairs of speakers.

Stereo gurus – need some help

I believe it should work for hatchbacks models. In no way can I be held liable for any damage you may cause to your car’s electronics by attempting the following procedure. Please try to figure out where you want to position your new reverse lights as the old ones will become blinkers.

So I recently replaced car’s entire audio system right down to the wires, and I installed a full Infinity Reference system. After installing the a amplifier, I realized I needed to get a line level control so that I could adjust the bass on the fly.

Mon Dec 14 6: It is a 10″ sub with a passive radiator which doubles as a second sub for pushing air. It is self powered with a W Class D amplifier. I love this sub but went to sell my car and took the wiring out and really don’t have time to spend wiring it again. All you need to connect this is power, ground, remote, and RCA input lines.

Here is the technical stuff: The BassLink line includes everything you need for great bass in your car, with no hassle. This system includes a round inch woofer, a round inch passive radiator and a watt Class D amplifier, plus all the controls you need to integrate its sound with your existing system.

Infinity BassLink Subwoofer Install in a 2014 Toyota Corolla w/ Interior Trim Removal

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